Hi! I'm Jack Parsons, a British artist. I worked with Davey Wreden on The Stanley Parable and as a lead artist on The Beginner's Guide, and moved to Stockholm last September. I'm currently an intern at Hazelight.

My CV:    DOC    PDF
Email: jack@hiyougami.co.uk.

If you like Source Engine games and want to learn how to use Valve's Hammer software, here's my Video Tutorial Series!

International Space Station Module model Photo of Jack Martian Outpost scene made in Unreal Engine
Kriss Vector weapon model
Remington ACR weapon model
Crab-walker tank_speedmodel model, inspired by the work of Simon Stålenhag. Modular space station level made with Unreal Engine TA Classroom at The Game Assembly Louis Kahn Library level International Space Station rack models
Source Engine city level